Cancer Council Goodness Impact™

Discover why Amazing Change™ has partnered with Cancer Council Australia

Cancer Council works across every area of cancer covering Research, Prevention and 13 11 20 vital support towards a cancer free future.

They are the only charity in Australia that delivers a comprehensive range of support services for every person and their families, impacted by every type of cancer.

Every minute, every hour, every day Cancer Council is here for anyone affected by cancer

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Coping with cancer is challenging, and when you or someone you know is dealing with a cancer diagnosis, travelling for treatment, or adjusting to life after cancer treatment, getting the right information and support is crucial.

In partnership with Cancer Council, Amazing Change™ has created Goodness Impact™ which will focus on the real outcomes of our donated funds.


Support Cancer Council


Funding the 13 11 20 Vital Support line

At the core of Cancer Council’s vital support services is its 13 11 20 information and support line. From dealing with a cancer diagnosis and treatment to supporting a loved one through their experience, Cancer Council’s information and support phone service helps anyone impacted by cancer.

Donated dollars go towards supporting every part of this eco-system from financial support, counselling, wig services, transport to treatment and some much more. A core part of vital support also includes employing skilled health professionals and cancer nurses who provide vital practical and emotional support that’s often not readily available to the wider community.

Funding cancer awareness campaigns

It is estimated that around one-third of cancers in Australia are caused by common and avoidable risk factors. This equates to around 37,000 new cases of cancer every year. The good news is, we can do something about it. Each of us can significantly reduce our cancer risk by making simple lifestyle changes.

Your donated dollars could go towards funding campaigns like: Anti-Smoking, SunSmart general campaign + SunSmart schools program, Cervical Cancer Screening, Bowel Cancer Screening and more. This includes over 727,000 free booklets and publications, and maintaining a website and online community that sees over 6 million visits and 45,000 people supported personally. 

Funding the research towards a cancer-free future

Amazingly, we’re on track to become the first country in the world to eliminate cervical cancer as a public health problem thanks to HPV vaccination and the new cervical screening program. Thanks to the ingenuity of our researchers and the persistence and support of organisations like Cancer Council, Australia now has the best cervical cancer prevention program in the world.

Research efforts have seen cancer mortality rates decline by 18% over the last 20 years in our country, while survival rates increase by as much as 36% over that same period. Your donated dollars could go towards these incredible outcomes for Australians of future - and current - generations.

To support Cancer Council towards a cancer-cree future, you can enter our current giveaway.