About Us

Amazing Change™ is a social enterprise aiming to revolutionise the way donors connect with charities by making donating a two-way street.

Our mission is to become the largest digital fundraising business and raise $30 million for Australian charities.


With 2020 seeing an 87% decline in global donations according to Forbes, charities are in need now more than ever to connect with their donors, 24 /7 all year round.
Amazing Change™ is looking to solve the charity industry’s biggest problem by building a pandemic-proof collection of digital fundraising solutions. 
Founded by Stephen Duggan and Deryll Naidoo, Amazing Change™ has launched Giveaways 4 Cause™ and in the future Roundups 4 Cause™ app, giving donors the opportunity to win life-changing prizes and weave “giving back” seamlessly into their everyday life.
Amazing Change Apps
Designed to speak directly to current-day donors and their priorities, Amazing Change™ communicates the meaning behind donated dollars via our Goodness Impact™ initiative. The initiative places transparency front and centre, giving donors like you a clear understanding of what outcomes your donations will help fund and helping them to connect more deeply with the causes you support.
By making it faster and easier for supporters to meaningfully connect with and donate to charities you care about in a cashless society, Amazing Change™ is turning the once-stale donor/charity relationship into a two-way street.
Amazing Change Team
Amazing Change™ Co-Founders Deryll Naidoo, Tanya Dontas and Executive Chairman Stephen Duggan.